Graham Eger

San Diego, CA

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About Me

  • Founder: RegattaPages

  • Polyglot full-stack developer.

  • Professional front-end programmer with Angular and React experience.

  • Professional back-end programmer with experience in Node, Python (Flask), Java (SpringBoot), Go, {Java,Type}Script, .NET Core (C#, F#), Next.js

  • Professional Linux and Windows sysadmin.

  • Academic and hobby C++ experience, embedded systems, and kernel design, low-level network protocol engineering, some ARM assembly experience.

  • Hobbyist self-hoster.

  • Competitive sailor.


Supernova Technology

Solutions Architect

Lead rigorous technical discovery sessions with enterprise clients to capture and interpret their specific requirements and wider infrastructure challenges, enabling the provision of bespoke securities-based lending solutions.

Design scalable system architectures and integration strategies, assuring seamless integration with client goals and operational processes.

Forge substantial partnerships with internal product teams, supplying customer feedback that directly informs and influences the strategic product development trajectory.

Oversee the execution of successful system integrations, ETL processes, and data mapping, underpinning strong data integrity and optimal system operations.

Regatta Pages

Solo Founder

Building RegattaPages.

Newance Consulting

Engineering Consultant - Part Time

Built and presented "Tech for Tech Recruiters" presentation to a panel of technical recruiting firms and recruiting teams across multiple industries.

Consulted with the recruitment team to provide support with candidate selection, interview assistance, and engineering subject matter expertise.

Performed technical interviews as well as general technical consulting tasks focused on decreasing friction within internal processes.

Capital One Financial

Senior Software Engineer

Built full-stack platform using Go, NodeJS,and React to build analytics and tracking platform for GitHub Enterprise pull requests

Built, launched, and maintained real-time correspondence stackusing Java SpringBoot and PostgreSQL for delivering regulatory notices to end-users.

Named inventor on US Patent 11372642B2 for "Methods and systems for monitoring contributors to software platform development"

Promoted to Senior Software Engineer in July 2020.

Quicken Loans

Software Engineering Intern

At Quicken Loans I was a member of a 4-person team building an internal productivity tool using C# and .NET Core on the backend with a TypeScript Angular6 frontend.

During my time at Quicken I was working approximately 80:20 backend:frontend. I was able to convert the project from a ASP.NET Windows-only project to a .NET Core, Docker-compatible one.

MSX International

System Administrator

At MSX International in 2017 I administered Windows and Linux systems in a team of four; focusing on the hardware, software, and server infrastructure for MSX International's entire North American Market. I was able to furhter improve my technical, analytical, problem-solving skills, and task prioritization. I also worked myself throughout the summer engineering and testing a new worldwide ransomware incident response process.

MSX International

Junior System Administrator

At MSX International in 2016 I created and maintained virtual Windows and Linux environments for critical business applicatoins. Over the summer I developed a Python web application which was run on thin clients to display business, market, and industry specific news to the department which the display is located. I also provided custom system setup and VIP desk-side support for C-level executives.


University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Sept 2015 - May 2019

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Sept 2015 - Present

Delta Chapter

University of Michigan Sailing Team

Sept 2017 - Present

Club Sport


wSender and wReceiver

Reliable Transport in C++ over UDP. Highly configurable. Per-packet ACKs and Timers, cumulative ACKs, early retransmission, Congestion Window size and decrease algorithm, etc.

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Userland Thread Library

Linux Thread Library written in C/C++.

Modern C++ interface. Preemptive Multitasking, synchronization primitives (Condition Variable, Mutex), customizable stack size per thread, etc.

Code not available publically, can be made available privately upon request. Written for EECS 482: Introduction to Operating Systems.

Autothrottling Video CDN and DNS Loadbalancer.

GeoIP based Video CDN. Auto adjusts video bitrate based on throughput. Custom DNS nameserver Load balances video servers based on multiple factors.

Implemented in C++ using only the STL.

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Static Router

Level 2 and 3 Static Router in C using Raw Sockets.

Handles Routing Packets given in Static Routing Table. Generates and Handles ARP and ICMP packets. Routes and drops packets when necesary. Configurable to capture and log packets to pcap file.

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A ground-up implementation of a relational database with SQL syntax. Implemented in C++ without the use of the STL Data Structures & Algorithms. All data structures written by myself to be compatible with the STL.

Better Scheduler

A replacement for University of Michigan's course guide written in Python using Flask and Jinja, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Given a dataset of every term, school, subject, and course at the University of Michigan, I was tasked to develop a Python web app which displays the information in a way that is significatly easier to read and navigate than the dated WolverineAccess.


A sample disassembler for the educational instruction set architecture LC2K. Used for Computer Organization classes at the University of Michigan, UC Santa Cruz, and University of Colorado.

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A command line application that automatically assigns sober monitors to different social events and tiers based on a point system. Used by Risk Managers at multiple fraternities at the University of Michigan.

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