Graham Eger

Software Engineer - Student

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About Me

My name is Graham Eger and Iā€™m a Senior studying Computer Science at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. I am also a board member of the Michigan Sailing Team.


Quicken Loans

Software Engineering Intern

At Quicken Loans I was a member of a 4-person team building an internal productivity tool using C# and .NET Core on the backend with a TypeScript Angular6 frontend. During my time at Quicken I was working approximately 80:20 backend:frontend. I was able to convert the project from a ASP.NET Windows-only project to a .NET Core, Docker-compatible one.

MSX International

System Administrator

At MSX International in 2017 I administered Windows and Linux systems in a team of four; focusing on the hardware software, and server infrastructure for MSX International's entire North American Market. I was able to furhter improve my technical, analytical, problem-solving skills, and task prioritization. I also worked myself throughout the summer engineering and testing a new worldwide ransomware incident response process.

MSX International

Junior System Administrator

At MSX International in 2016 I created and maintained virtual Windows and Linux environments for critical business applicatoins. Over the summer I developed a Python web application which was run on thin clients to display business, market, and industry specific news to the department which the display is located. I also provided custom system setup and VIP desk-side support for C-level executives.


University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Sept 2015 - May 2019

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - GPA: 3.0

I am currently a Junior majoring in Computer Science through the EECS department at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. I have taken or are currently enrolled in the following advanced Computer Science courses. A brief description of the courses is linked here.

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Sept 2015 - Present

Delta Chapter

University of Michigan Sailing Team

Sept 2017 - Present

Club Sport


Better Scheduler

A replacement for University of Michigan's course guide written in Python using Flask and Jinja, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Given a dataset of every term, school, subject, and course at the University of Michigan, I was tasked to develop a Python web app which displays the information in a way that is significatly easier to read and navigate than the dated WolverineAccess.


A sample disassembler for the educational instruction set architecture LC2K. Used for Computer Organization classes at the University of Michigan, UC Santa Cruz, and University of Colorado.

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A command line application that automatically assigns sober monitors to different social events and tiers based on a point system. Used by Risk Managers at multiple fraternities at the University of Michigan.

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A ground-up implementation of a relational database with SQL syntax. Implemented in C++ without the use of the STL Data Structures & Algorithms. All data structures written by myself to be compatible with the STL.


Simple C Program to send and receive files over TCP. Uses raw berkeley sockets.

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